Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Making of the "Gizmo" punchneedle...

Thank you for your interest in how the "Memory Keepsake of Gizmo" was made.

1. A sketch was first made from the photograph.

2. I then traced that design in reverse onto weavers cloth with permanent marker.

3. In this photo you are looking the head already punched from the backside. I always referred back to the original photo for shading. The shading is the key.

4. After the body was punched with Medicis Wool, the background was punched with Valdani thread.
5. The punchneedle was approximately 5"x7", so the shadowbox frame was chosen based on what else was going along with it inside the frame.

6. In loving memory of Gizmo.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for showing us how you did this. I will get brave one day and try it. I love the shadow box with his things inside. I ma try that to if you don't mind.